Available for producer, production assistant and runner roles

At my core, I’m a storyteller, which is why I became an actor. The skills learned through my acting and sales careers have served me well as a producer.


My excellent communication and high empathy enables me to understand clients’ specifications and visions on an incredibly deep level.
I thrive under high pressure, and always deliver before the deadline and under the budget.

I forge relationships quickly and effectively, and am able to galvanise the team around project and company goals. When problems arise, I think on my feet making quick decisions and improvising.

On long shoot days, I am known to keep the energy, morale, focus and creativity on track until the very last take. ​

His energy is immense and it is met with equal, intelligent application and a tenacity to maintain the highest possible standards in any project in which he is involved.

Lord Balham - Artist & Personality